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Here’s what you’ll do

Think of all the people that can use some help with their Internet imagery, selling and messaging. Then send them a link to the eBrochure that we'll customize for you. It will offer them a complete solution at a greatly discounted price. That's it, share a link and your part is done.

Here's an example of the really cool personalized eBrochure that you'll be sharing.

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Here’s what we’ll do

We'll send you a Guide that has all you need to email, share and text your personalized eBrochure.

Our program will send you a copy on any inquiry your potential customer makes at the same time it sends it to us – that way you're in the loop from the very start.

We'll handle the inquiries, close the sale and produce their web selling support package, and we'll keep you informed every step of the way by copying you on every email sent to your prospect.

Your part is just sharing your eBrochure.

Even though that's really easy for you to do, it's vitally important to us.

That’s why we’ll pay you $500.

There's more… if you can get three in the first 60 days, you can earn great residual commissions on all the business we can generate.

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Who is Tap The LINK?

We are the in-house Art Department for the Mall of Heroes, LésAvi, IE Japan, JBP Japan and we produce custom work for many others. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

We have marketing, creative direction, design, editing and programming experts on staff. Our work will make you proud and the business friends you refer to us will be pleased and confident with their new marketing strategy and up-to-date look.

We guarantee that, in writing!

You Get Paid

In real time, we'll send you a copy of the actual order placed by a customer so you know exactly when it closes. Then immediately when their payments clear, you get paid your referral fee… at the same time we do.

Our long standing reputation depends on our trustworthiness in paying you as promised and on time.

"Tap The LINK is true to their word, they get paid, I get paid, every time."

Matt S., Texas

"I've referred a few friends and never have a problem or concern about getting paid."

Mike B., California

"I've been sharing the links for years now. I love the extra money and have zero complaints."

Eisaku N., Osaka Japan

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We had to say that… Because of the fact that we have some great steady clients, we can afford to give the business friends you refer to us a super deal… we’ll give them 50% below market value on the promotional package you’re offering.

Yes, 50% below market value

Based on the high quality service, marketing guidance and premium imagery that they will receive, this is a super-duper, rarely found offer. They’re going to be very happy that you let them know about it.

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