Your 7 Tools Package Share Kit is now being produced.

What you should do now

Find people that you already know that would benefit by upgrading their Internet sales and messaging – at a greatly discounted price.

3 Easy Places to Look-
(1) Look over your social media friends and followers
(2) Look through your email addresses
(3) Look at your texting contacts

You’ll be surprised how many you’ll find

What you’ll do when you receive your Share Kit and eBrochure

Copy the URL (web address) of your customized eBrochure supplied in your Share Kit and:

(1) Paste the URL into your selected emails
(2) Paste it into cell phone texts, and
(3) Use the graphics supplied in your Share Kit to post in your social media and paste in the URL in your comments

The production process

When your prospect selects START from your eBrochure it triggers a series of actions, and you will be kept in the loop all the way.

 –>The prospect taps START
 –> You receive a real-time email notice of the inquiry
 –> We email a proposal (you’re copied in the email, again in real-time)
 –> We’ll exchange a few emails with the prospect (again, you’re copied) until we settle on a direction
 –> A bill for a 50% deposit is submitted and when received the project is started (you’re copied)
 –> After a week or two and the 7 Tools Package is completed, a bill for the balance is submitted (you’re copied).

How and when you get paid

Your referral payment for the 7 Tools Package is $500. If the customer purchases other services, in their first order, you’ll receive an additional 5% bonus on anything they ordered.

When the customer pays their 50% deposit, you’ll be paid half your commission $250+. When the customer pays their balance, you’ll be paid the balance of your commission $250+.

When we get paid, you’ll know and you’ll get paid at the same time. We’re in this together.

Here's something to work towards – share three new customers within 60 days and you'll qualify to earn ongoing residual commissions.

Start preparing your lists because your Share Kit and personalized eBrochure will be in your email box in just a few hours.