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Just keep up the sharing and generate a few customers a year to secure your 5% Residual Bonus... it adds up quickly. Or, work with your customers directly and get the full 25% Commission.

Get Residual Bonuses
Earn Full Commissions

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Social Media Imagery
Copy-and-paste these post images into your social pages as often as you can. Or, go to the TapTheLINK Facebook page and share from there. You can get ideas for headlines and descriptions from there as well. (Hint, many Promoters past these images into their emails too.)

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you put your eBrochure address in you post description and comments.

Email Buttons
Every email program has a means to assign a link address to an image. You can copy-and-paste these action button images in your emails and web pages and link them to your eBrochure address. There's something compelling about a link button, you just gotta click on it. If you're unfamiliar on how to link an image Google a How-To or you can simply key in or paste your eBrochure address into the email. They both work well.